The Ultimate Guide for Birthday Boat Party Dubai

If you’re looking for a fun, exclusive, and memorable occasion for your birthday party, a boat is an excellent venue all year round, offering a private floating bar/restaurant experience on Yacht Rental Dubai Marina – the best harbor in the world. Not all cruises are the same, however, so below are some popular cruise ideas for you.

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Boat Party Ideas:

The Family Friendly Boat Party

At a lot of the birthday parties, we do have a mixture of friends and older family such as parents, aunts, uncles, etc. These are some of our most successful cruises and it’s amazing to see the different generations celebrating this special occasion together. These parties normally involve an open bar package, often with a sit-down meal sometimes followed by a quick speech or two.

birthday boat party dubai

Surprise Birthday 

Another popular cruise involves surprising your best friend or partner with a boat full of their friends. With a little bit of planning, we can pick everyone up on the boat just before pulling up next to the birthday victim.

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The Dance Party 

So often there’s a friend of a friend who’s a keen DJ that would love the chance to perform on a boat, so you’re welcome to bring them along to liven up the party. We can also provide experienced DJs and sound equipment. It’s important to note that not all boats have AC power for this so please do let us know in advance if this is your intention.

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Fun in the Sun 

For the smaller groups, the catamarans are great for cruising around close in to shore and anchoring up for a BBQ and a swim, and generally lounging around in the sun.

Boat Party Dubai

The Budget Cruise 

As is often the case for birthdays, guests may be paying for the cruise, in which case you might want a more budget-friendly boat with BYO food & drink options. Just keep in mind that everyone needs to have plenty of food whilst on board to abide by the responsible service of alcohol.

boat party dubai

Ensuring a Safe Cruise:

As you can imagine birthday parties do generally tend to involve more drinking than your average cruise which means that not all boats are suitable, and security staff may be required for certain parties to ensure your event runs smoothly. The key to a great and memorable cruise is often to get the right group on the right boat which is why we like to discuss your expectations via email or phone.

Booking a Boat:

Boat parties are an excellent venue all year round, not just the summer months, particularly with the more enclosed boats that offer a floating bar/restaurant experience with superb views of the harbor. 

The best place to start is to browse through the fleet of party boats for hire and make an inquiry through the site with one or 2 of your preferred boats to get more information or give us a call. You may also like to read about planning a birthday party. Charter Boat Dubai has the best ideas on Boat Party Dubai