Charter a Private Yacht in Dubai

Dubai is extensively considered the capital of the luxury charters for yachting. CHARTER BOAT DUBAI is a leading luxury yacht rental provider in Dubai. We volunteer all the luxury & comforts a person wants, to explore various destinations as per his plans. 

Charter a yacht in Dubai and enjoy a stunning and star-like ride, exploring Dubai through cruising, surfing & witness the breathtaking views while you’re on-board luxurious yacht charter Dubai. We assure you that you have a great time while sailing on the tranquil waters of Dubai Marina around the UAE in the glorious sunshine.

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Why a Luxury Yacht Charter Is the Best Way to Explore Dubai?

Privacy; Isolation From The City Hustle

Electronic gadgets like smartphones and laptops have taken over our lives gradually and unknowingly. It’s time to let loose your laptops and smartphones; Charter a yacht in Dubai and enjoy a small trip with your family & friends, where you can receive fresh air and sunlight.  Charter a yacht in Dubai with an open deck, and you can enjoy a panoramic view of beautiful Dubai. Nightlife in Dubai is more gorgeous and the skylines appear amazing while lying on the deck and relaxing. 

One of the real perks of chartering a luxury yacht in Dubai is having your own private villa out on the sea. Commonly, yachts are treated as a ‘home away from home. While you charter a yacht in Dubai, you can find everything you need around you. Out at sea, you can enjoy the relaxation and privacy that is so hard to find on dry land. The real enjoyment is no visitors around you as you take a fantastic tour of Dubai, which would be uncommon in Dubai.

Chartering a yacht in Dubai is absolutely one of the best and indeed coziest ways to explore Dubai for a few hours.

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Incredible Service; Royal Experience

Chartering a yacht to tour around Dubai comes with amazing perks, you will be able to choose from different services available at Nanje Yachts. Depending on the service you want to experience out in the water, you can get something at convenient prices or blow it out at something big. 

There are many packages that will surprise you with the services available. One of our charter yacht packages includes romantic dinner for couples or overnight packages, which are mostly honeymoon packages. With a charter boat in Dubai, expect to have all the intimate time you want on your honeymoon. With no crowd and just calm waters surrounding you from all sides; portrays a perfect setting for an extravagant honeymoon.

The charter yacht with party and food package includes BBQ onboard, buffet menu, international five-star menus, Arabic menu, canapes, western menus, and others, keeping you amused by the party and satisfied with delectable food servings. 

Or if you are here to go for an adventurous Dubai trip, you must try Water Sports with charter yacht Dubai for a thrilling water sports experience. It is much more adventurous with our guide always beside you for the best experience ever. Other packages include sightseeing, sunset cruise, world island trips, Dubai Canal Cruise, cruise around Palm Atlantis, and many others. 

Have a look at the packages we provide as you charter a yacht in Dubai and make the best out of it. Whatever you’ve got in mind, you’ll be fully occupied with the best that Dubai’s got to offer.

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Schedule Options; Choose Your Itenary

Chartering a yacht in Dubai means you get to choose your tour time, and how long you want to be on the water. You can go out for 6 long hours or just 2 hours. The number of hours you choose decides the route the charter yacht takes on water. A 6 hours cruise will give you a complete tour of Dubai on water, whereas a 2-hour cruise takes you to part of it. 

A 2-hour trip allows you to explore the liveliest attractions in Dubai like Jumeirah Beach Residence and a cruise around the Palm Atlantis. Whereas, if you fancy a 6-hour cruise, you will witness more of Dubai’s attractions; a grand trip around The Palm Atlantis, Palm Islands, Dubai Eye, the exemplary Burj Al Arab, and the spectacular residential neighborhood JBR will stupefy you.

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Food and Beverages; Five Star Menus

Treat yourself to an exotic world-class offering of delectable delicacies, top chef collaborations, and classy surroundings on a luxury charter boat in Dubai. As mentioned above a charter yacht with food will stun you with the dishes our chefs provide. You can always customize the menus. Delicious buffet menus are available to satisfy your taste buds. Charter a yacht in Dubai with Exclusive Cuisine options for the best and most memorable experience. Lastly, you can also have a Live BBQ and bar counters onboard making the trip much crazier. 

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Different Occasions; Anniversary, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events

Creating moments rather than just celebrating is much needed. Plan Your Special events and make them magical on a Luxury Charter Yacht in Dubai. It‘s sometimes boring to attend any kind of function within the four walls of hotels, restaurants, or resorts. Ever thought of celebrating your life events on a luxury charter boat in Dubai amidst the calm waters of Dubai Marina. Just charter a yacht in Dubai if you want to cross an extra mile.

There can never be a greater way to celebrate special occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events, and reunions other than a charter yacht Dubai. We offer the most compelling packages for your special events.

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We are experts in arranging pre-wedding or post-wedding shoots, arranging a romantic dinner, and organizing themed parties that completely go hand-in-hand with your celebrations. Not just the celebrations, but also enjoying the view of Dubai nightlife makes it much more exciting and memorable. 

Charter a Yacht in Dubai

To conclude, the above tips might have cleared the doubt in your mind, as to why to charter a yacht in Dubai. If not, we are always here to assist you with the best deals and suggestions. Contact us for further inquiries. Call/Whatsapp +971 50 890 1242