5 Reasons Why You Should Charter a Yacht in Dubai

Charter Boat in Dubai

Is there anything more desirable than going on a “Daycation”, spending a day relaxing or partying on a luxury yacht in Dubai. What is Daycation? Daycation basically refers to a ‘day out’, a day off from the hustle and bustle of routine life, driving off somewhere to relax and enjoy yourself in whatever way you want. Here at Charter Boat Dubai, we offer the luxury yachts for rent in Dubai.

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Are you still confused? Allow us to resolve this dilemma, here are 5 reasons

Why You Should Rent a Yacht in Dubai

1. IT’S lively, IT’S FUN

Vacations are the ones that offer the perfect occasion to try something unique and new. It is also an amusing experience to be on a yacht tour in Dubai.

Whether you are planning for a party amidst the waves or a desire to spend some quality ‘Alone time’, you are guaranteed to have a great time on our party boat Dubai, specially designed to throw an electrifying party; setting your voyage on a Sunset Cruise guarantees wonderful experiences life has to offer and makes you feel positive, grateful and inspired. 

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2. Space & Intimacy

Experience the lavish world of yachting in Dubai on one of our vessels. We select them for you for their excellent reliability, luxurious interiors, modern equipment and soothing ambiance.

You always have an option to charter a bareboat or a boat with captain and crew. But, we suggest you go for a crewed yacht, as you do not have to worry about sailing skills and also need not compromise or limit your yacht size. Crewed yachts are always larger compared to bareboats and you do not have to have the sailing experiences at all.

Yachts are another name for luxury. Our crew will comfort you with the five-star services and stay discreet and respect your space allowing you to enjoy with your guests. 

And lastly,  the size of your charter yacht Dubai depends on your budget, but you will enjoy the extra space and luxury on the larger yachts.

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3. Renting A Boat In Dubai is Not Actually That Expensive

Loosen up yourself as you charter a luxury yacht in Dubai, reserved specially for your friends or gang. Take a cruise from Dubai’s famous marina and enjoy the view of famous sights such as the Palm, Burj Al-Arab, Dubai Eye, Atlantis and other monumental structures

But, now if you think it is too expensive to give it a thought. No, it is not! It is always easier and cheaper when you split costs with your mates and we assure that you and your bunch can enjoy the Luxury Yachts in Dubai Marina at as less as AED 200. 

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4. Exclusive Cuisine and Beverages

Chartering a luxury yacht in Dubai with lots of food, lively party and barbeque onboard is all about customization. 

Variety of menus include continental, international, Western Arabic, live barbeque, light food menu, canape, beverage, Asian food menus and expertly designed menus which are customisable.

The Barbecue menu is loved by all and has BBQ skewers of chicken and kofta, salads, hummus, fishes, shrimp, meat and Arabic bread. We also arrange special tables for vegans, or for ones who eat only Kosher foods; local cuisine adds to the menu making it more delectable. 

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5. Thrilling Activities

There is no doubt that Dubai is a leading Dream Destination and millions of people visit each year. It is a promising land of ultra-modern architecture, lovely and exotic nightlife, spectacular bird eye view of the beautiful skyline and thrilling water activities in Dubai Marina. These adventurous water activities have been attracting travelers from all over the globe. 

Water activities include swimming, jet ski, wakeboard surfing, banana boat and donut rides, snorkeling, paragliding and many more. You need not worry about being an amateur water skier or a swimmer, our crew is always always at your back to support you and take you to the enigmatic  journey of water sports in Dubai Marina.

Your curiosity and eagerness to know about aquatic life is fulfilled by our experienced snorkeling crew. You can also opt for different water sports and food combinations making it much more energetic and amusing. Plan a water sport party in Dubai with your clan which will never unsettle you.

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Book a yacht in Dubai from our vast range of fleet that satisfies every budget without compromising on the fun and enjoyment of your trip in Dubai. Take a look at the rental prices and book online now. 

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